ControlMK - Allows using a game controller for Mouse/Keyboard emulation

Version 0.20
Added support to auto-repeat functions. POV switches can be used now.
A lot of the code was changed. If you find any problems report them in the forum.

Version 0.21
Some minor fixes.

Version 0.22
Added a few more key codes and the ability to copy a profile.

Version 0.23
Replaced profile buttons with a menu and added functions to import and export a single profile.

Version 0.231
Minor fix for Windows 98.

Version 0.232
Removed a bug related to the repeat rate setting.


Version 0.232 - ControlMKv0232.exe
Version 0.231 - ControlMKv0231.exe
Version 0.23 - ControlMKv023.exe
Version 0.22 - ControlMKv022.exe
Version 0.21 - ControlMKv021.exe
Version 0.20 - ControlMKv020.exe
Version 0.15 - ControlMKv015.exe