Allows the setting of button functions for different programs.

Version 0.28
Third party Xbox remote controls should work now.

Version 0.26
Added support for Windows 98.

Version 0.25
Support for modifier keys(Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Win). Added new functions to logoff, restart, or shutdown the computer. Delete button can now be used. Includes pre-made profiles for more applications. Made an icon more representative of the program.
Profiles from version 0.20 are not compatible with this version, sorry. This will most likely be the last time compatibility between profiles is broken.
The driver itself did not change; the changes are only in XBCDRC.exe and XBCDRC.pro.


Once the IR Receiver is connected to the PC, Windows will find a "USB Composite Device" and should install the driver automatically.

Then, Windows will prompt you to install a driver for 2 different devices. Try to install the driver for both of them. One will result in Windows telling you that it couldn't find a driver for the device in the specified location. The other will result in Windows installing the XBCDRC driver for the device.

After the driver installation is complete, copy XBCDRC.exe and XBCDRC.pro to any location you prefer and run XBCDRC.exe to start using the DVD Remote Control. XBCDRC.pro contains predefined profiles for various programs.


NEW XBCDRC Version 0.28 - XBCDRCv028.exe

XBCDRC Version 0.26 - XBCDRCv026.exe

XBCDRC Version 0.25 (Installer) - XBCDRCv025.exe

XBCDRC Version 0.25 (CAB File) - XBCDRC_v25.cab

XBCDRC Version 0.20 - XBCDRC_v20.cab